Vi kan stolt meddela att Cision och partnern Eklips Digital Advisors tillsammans med Husqvarna har blivit nominerade till två priser i Digital Impact Awards- Communicate Magazine “the UK’s leading established programme to recognise, benchmark and celebrate excellence in digital stakeholder communication.”

Nomineringarna ser ut enligt följande:

Category: Best multimedia press release 

Husqvarnas release "Bli en miljökämpe på Earth Day: Spara vatten med Gardena"

Husqvarnas release “Bli en miljökämpe på Earth Day: Spara vatten med Gardena”

Organisation: Cision/Eklips/Husqvarna
Entry description:
Gardena, a brand of Husqvarna Group which is the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products, is the European leader in consumer irrigation equipment. With this campaign Gardena aimed to increase brand awareness within Europe to consolidate this leading position as well as boosting the profile of the brand in other markets. This was done by positioning Gardena’s products as solutions for intelligent water use to coincide with Earth Day.

With a digital media release we were aiming to reach a world-wide audience with a unified message that positions the brand as the supplier of solutions for the intelligent usage of water. We chose Cision’s social media publishing tools to disseminate the release as well as sending text versions through traditional wire and email channels. While aiming for a global outreach we did not want to rely on the English language alone being aware that our world is diverse and that messages are best received in your own local language. Therefore, we released this message in many different languages, also offering contact persons in all of the target countries that were ready to answer in the local language.

Category: Best evaluation process 

Organisation: Cision
Entry description:As a supplier of software to media-savvy PR and marketing professionals, Cision UK has long engaged in social media conversations through a variety of business functions. In order to manage these conversations, we recognised the need to use our own media evaluation expertise to report on all of these activities as a means to improving overall performance and to inform future strategy.

We also recognised that our social media activity does not exist in a vacuum, but is informed, influenced and inspired by other communications activity, from digital channels, such as our corporate website and online advertising, to traditional advertising, events and traditional media relations. As such, evaluation of digital communications would need to recognise the impact of other forms of communication.

An evaluation programme was established that combined our own products with internal management systems and input from employees at Cision Global Analysts. The outputs were three-fold: real-time alerts and daily bulletins allowed us to conform to create marketing campaigns and client support programmes that met internal SLAs around social media response times; weekly CRM reporting provided KPIs toward real return-on-investment; and monthly in-depth reports described that ROI according to the discrete communications channels and activities that produced it.

Vinnarna av Digital Impact Awards utses vid en galamiddag den 20 oktober på Grange St Pauls Hotel i London. Vi håller tummarna!

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