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Learn how to use Plan

Search is the tool you use to build a list. Get a quick overview from reading our quick guide, or watch our video to learn more.

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Social Influencer Search
Social Influencer Search allows you to find contacts from our database based on what they are talking about on Twitter. The search is integrated with our vast database, giving you fast access to pitchable media contacts.

Smart search
Using our smart search is the quickest and easiest way to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Contact and outlet records
Cision’s media database not only ensures that you can build targeted media lists but also provides you with detailed information for both contacts and outlets on those lists. Learn more by reading about Contact details and Outlet details in Plan.

Read guide about contact details

Read guide about outlet details

Media lists
You can work with the contacts, outlets and influencers in your lists to effectively manage your media lists for your PR campaign. You can read our guide about saved lists and searches, and our general guide about lists.

Read guide about lists

Read guide about saved lists and searches

Search within
This is a great feature of CisionPoint that allows you to take an outlet list and retrieve all of the Contacts who are associated with each outlet. Read our guide to learn more.

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Learn how to use Connect

Create your press release
Distribute your news and other content with CisionPoint Connect. Choose if you prefer to watch a video to get started, read our full guide or download our easy “step by step guide” on how to send a press release with Connect.

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Read step-by-step guide

Send with assistance
Let Cision help you with your press release. Upload and send your files to Cision’s support team through a secure connection.

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Learn how to use Monitor

Create search agents
With CisionPoint’s archive search and search agent tools you are in control of your keywords and media coverage. Read this guide to get started.

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CisionPoint helps you track your own publicity, competitors, and industry specific trends. The Coverage listing page allows you to work with your relevant news coverage in one place.

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Monitoring filters
Monitoring filters are used to quickly find specific news items within your coverage. Read this guide to learn more.

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News item record
You can drill into each news item to find detailed information by simply clicking on a news item’s title from within the listing page.

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Daily notification e-mails
CisionPoint can send you daily email alerts based on your preferred times to ensure you get your news when you need it.

Press reports
Create reports containing specific news coverage complete with key critera, cover page, logo and/or table of contents.

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Learn how to use Analyze

Your dashboard can be customize to display the key charts of your coverage. Learn how to work with your dashboard by reading this guide.

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Create chart
Your press release was picked up. But did it reach the right people? Was your PR campaign a success? Use Analyze to harness the power of your news coverage.

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Chart layout
Working with charts is just like working with your coverage. Instead of columns and text, you work with an image. Use Filters to quickly change specific chart contents.

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Charts and maps
This is the tab where your saved charts and maps are. Learn how to find charts you have saved and create new charts and maps by reading this guide.

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Cision News

Learn how to use Cision News

Newsroom settings
The settings tab in CisionPoint Connect let you manage your newsroom by editing logo, contact information, external links and much more. Read this guide to get started.

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Newsroom layout
Customize your newsroom layout by editing colors, borders, backgrond and images. Read this guide to get started.

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